About Us

Tune in TLV - About Us

The Tune In TLV was created and founded in the year 2005. It was mainly created for the sole purpose of providing a platform for artists to showcase their talents. We know how much people want their talents to be shown and shared with others. It has also been a shame to just let these creative and talented people waste their talents when they are too shy to show it or when they just don’t know how or where to start. For us, creating a place that welcomes any artist of any age is the mission we like to do. However, that mission doesn’t stop from just creating a place for them.

As we’ve said, we welcome any people of any age and even students who are too young to train. For children, we let them do minor things yet make sure that they enjoy what they are doing and will still be improved by it. Eventually, the organization improved our facilities and building for these people, to enable them to train by themselves or with trainers they could trust. Every 6 months, we train, we practice, and we get ready for the event we will do in that span of time. It has been entertaining to watch them grow in terms of talents and skills and let them be active while doing the things they love the most.

Artists prepare for their performances by planningvtheor routines and organizing their own group according to their specific skills and talents. We let these artists do something and plan for their type of performances so they will be satisfied with their own show. With this, we can see them sharpen their talents as well as work together as an organization whether they are kids or adults. In the future, we hope more people could be a part of us.