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Grady Champion (USA)

November 10th
10:50 pm
10 בנובמבר
זמן ומקום המופע טרם נקבע

Mississippi-based entertainer/musician Grady Champion has been captivating audiences for the better part of two decades. The singer/harp player/guitarist/songwriter/producer, in 2013, signed to Malaco Records (headquartered in nearby Jackson, MS) and his first full-length release with the legendary blues label was released the following year. Bootleg Whiskey, named for the George Jackson song that is one of the album’s highlights, establishes Champion as a torch carrier for authentic Mississippi blues. He is an honored Grammy Award winning songwriter. Champion's song, co-written with Kevin Bowe, entitled "Trust Yourself" was included on Etta James' Let's Roll. It won a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album in 2003 and also a Blues Music Award as the 'Soul/Blues Album of the Year' from the Blues Foundation in 2004. He has been compared to Sonny Boy Williamson, Howlin' Wolf, Lionel Ritchei, and Smokie Robinson. In 5 years folks will be comparing other artists to Grady. His unique style and amazing voice leave audiences stunned! Right now you can hear him everywhere. His new single “Move Something’” is making a lot of noise on Blues, R&B, Soul, and Roots charts across America, in Europe, China, and Japan. In fact, he's had a #1 album on Sirius XM's Bluesville.

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