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The Vanjas (Sweden)

November 12th
9:30 pm
12 בנובמבר
זמן ומקום המופע טרם נקבע

The Vanjas, a Swedish rock´n´roll quartet with influence from 50- and 60´s soul, rhythm´n´blues and garagerock. It's high energy from the beginning to the end. It´s Vanja Lo with her mind-blowing voice and there are tight musicians. Be prepared of not standing still! That´s how it went down: In the beginning Bon Ton and Handsome Hank decided they wanted to make people dance. They said to one another "Let there be music. Let there be beat. Let there be the wildest show since light". In came Vanja Lo, and what a nifty little number she was! The two gentlemen first laid eyes on her as she was singing her heart out in some small bar. They instantly knew she was the one, a true star! Something you all shall learn, whenever you see the show. Finally Mr. Magnatone showed up, dressed sharply as a gut-ripper. 
There was bass, drums, voice, guitar… And there was The Vanjas. 
Since that time, The Vanjas have been giving out, all through fire and water, pleasure and pain, London to maine. You will hear that The Vanjas have played together for a couple of years. You will also notice that they are born to be on a stage when you see them. Supporting band for greatness’s as The Sonics, Patti Smith, Bob Log III and been doing lots of successfully gigs around Sweden, Norway, Italy, Denmark. The Vanjas has also shocked the audience at festivals like Love & Peace Havana Cuba, Storsjöyran, This is Hultsfred, Sundsvall Blockparty, Gutter Island, U-port and Peace & Love. Last year they release their first album " Sings & Plays Rock´n´Roll". Soon two new singles will come up " No Tomorrow Boy" & "Push It". The Vanjas are here to stay These undefeatables shall (once) again please your ears, sooth your pain and give it all to those who hunger for more. The Vanjas are standing strong, ready to conquer your souls and your hearts. What´s left to do for you now, is only to surrender and get exited. Barometern – Dennis Andersson "In some phenomenal, insane and twisted moments, I wonder to myself if I experienced a similar feeling then ..., well, when I heard the Hives first time" - The Vanjas Vanja Lo – Singer Bon Ton – Bas Mr Magnatone – Guitar Swingin´Zack - Drums Reviews Dagens Nyheter - Nils Hansson The Vanjas "Sings and Plays Rock´n´Roll – Nils Hansson Language Police extends up immediately forefinger and points out that The Vanjas probably rather "sing and play rock 'n' roll," but Vanja Lo has a pressure in her voice that makes the kind of formal irrelevant. Much like the cover image in the suit and cape exude a more genuine 50s than almost any similar retro, despite the fact that the cars in the background is newer and sight probably rather the 60s. And where the Stockholm quartet attacks with the same self-evident that once The Creeps, in a similar furrow of r'n'b saturated garage. Short and fast, with ten songs for only twenty minutes, yet restrained enough to pull out the handsome soul ballads little extra. Exactly how the economy is just this season, I don´t know, but nicely managed timelessness, there is always room for. Corren – Andreas Homanen Vanja utklassar Bob Log III (Vanja – Andreas Homanen Bob Log III, apologies. But after 13 years, someone finally matched Danko Jones on stage in Linköping when he slapped his bloody in an almost manic appearance on Herrgårn. Thursday evening appeared Vanja Renberg in the Vanjas. She is so devilishly cool that I hardly know where to go when she completely takes over the stage. Along with the super tight musicians in the band, they are a revelation that cannot defend themselves against. They have struck a fierce wedge of punk rock in the middle of its 60 pop, and there is no excuse in the world to miss them.

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