Tune in Tel Aviv

Trubdr. Adam Road

November 12th
Susie's Art Bay
12:50 am
12 בנובמבר
זמן ומקום המופע טרם נקבע
סוזי׳ס ארט ביי

Trubdr. Adam Road, was born in Denver, Colorado in 1989. At the age of 6 he fell in love with the guitar after hearing his Kindergarten teacher play the song “Big yellow Taxi”. He began taking lessons and focused on learning to play electric guitar. As a teen a house fire consumed his guitars and he took a leave of absence from playing. A couple years later while attending the American International School in Tel Aviv, he befriended a young man by the name of Adam Broza the son of world renowned Israeli singer/songwriter/ flamenco guitarist David Broza. Whom he ended up living with, while recovering from an injury in the army. Trubdr.Adam Road found himself in love and awe of the gypsy flamenco style, that the Broza’s are known for, and shortly after traded in his electric guitar for his first Nylon six string, with a vow not to return to electric until he had somewhat mastered the classical guitar. A quick marriage and divorce forced Adam to head to New York City, where he co­founded the band “City of the Sun”,a band known for establishing themselves as a well sought out New York act by playing the subways and streets of NYC.. After gaining some traction, City of the Sun was asked to be the opening act for K'Naan (singer of “waving flag”the fifa world cup anthem) on his national tour.. After the tour they found themselves in Los Angeles working on their first studio recordings. Which led to them being invited to perform in New zealand to play a gig. At that time, Adam found himself at odds with the group and decided to leave the band. A decision and story that gave birth to his first album as well as inspired the title “Exile From the City”. During his time in New York, Adam was mentored by music industry legend, Giorgio Gomelsky,(who recently passed). Giorgio was very ill at the time and needed help with his day to day routine as well as managing the venue he owned and lived in “The Red door”,located in Manhattan. In exchange for help he let Adam live in one of the practice rooms, and daily told him stories about the Rock n’ Roll in the early 60’s , and what it was like being the owner of the world famous rock n roll Venue “The Crawdaddy”.Giorgio is also known for having managed and built acts such as The Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, Frank Zappa, John Mclaughlin, Magma, Gong as well as being a key factor in the careers of Jimi hendrix, The Beatles, Jeff Buckley and many more…Not only did this experience help shape Adam’s unique approach to the music industry and where its future could lead, but the knowledge gained through his former mentor is the backbone for his record label... (GVLABLaka Global Vibration Label). Adam continued to play as a solo act and pushing himself even further as a songwriter.. He quickly landed a recording contract with Yebo Records (formerly EMI North America) and recorded his first full length album Under the name, “Trubdr. Adam Road”. His music developed into a unique sound that is a collision of ambient classical guitar and hard hitting grunge rock guitar licks, supporting a voice that ranges from a soft whisper to a painful growl. Somewhere between Jim Morrison and Jose Feliciano, The Black Keys and The White Stripes. Trubdr. Road’s concept album “Exile From The City” feels like a lonely acid induced road trip, with the top down, a pack of cigarettes and a woman waiting, somewhere.

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