Tune in Tel Aviv


November 11th
Kuli Alma
9:30 pm
11 בנובמבר
זמן ומקום המופע טרם נקבע
כולי עלמא

ZOHARA is a singer, composer and producer based in Tel Aviv.  Between 2012 to 2014, in her room, ZOHARA produced her  energetic hour­long d  ebut album  ‘ Growing up Anyways’ (to be fully released on November 2016)  ­ an eclectic 12­songs LP with musical influences ranging from electronica to avantgarde\experimental­pop. This album captures melodic compositions embedded with intimate atmosphere, packed with short tales mostly deal with the doubts and desperations of many people in their early twenties, in a world so unstable and vague. Her musical career started from singing jazz while collaborating with many jazz musicians in her hometown. Her first compositions included only a piano, but she always felt that something was missing, thus she turned into the world of electronic music, an hidden love. She took lessons to study music production with a teacher that fell in love with her music which led to a collaboration on the album production. This was the beginning of a creation process who sought to express herself and her major influences, such as Micachu and the shape, Björk, Baths, James Blake, Moderat, Jamie xx, Empress of. ZOHARA’s debut album, ‘Growing up Anyways’, will be released on November 2016.

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