Tune in TLV - FAQs

Q. Hello, I just want to ask if you update the website with your schedule of events. If yes, where can I see it?

A. Hi, thank you so much for sending us your question. Yes, we do post about our schedule every year especially when there are a few changes compared to the preceeding year. If you want to see it, you can just visit the forum to read the news that we share or just go to the ‘schedule’ tab of this website.

Q. How many people can you accommodate during the event?

A. Hi, thank you so much for giving us a question. The Tune In TLV does not have specific counts of the people we can accommodate every event since we tend to change venues every time we hold events. But if you really want to know, we post it as well whenever we share the schedule of the events, the venues, and everything needed so please make sure to be updated on the news or posts about the upcoming events of TLV.

Q. What time do you usually open the event and finish it?

A. Hello, thank you for messaging the TLV group. We usually open every 10 am but it depends on the place of the event and we often adjust one or two hours later or earlier. The events close at 11 pm but it is a bit late on weekends, like 12 am.

Q. Are kids and children welcome to visit or go to the event?

A. Hi! Yes, children are more than welcome to attend our events. We have various performers, including kids as well and we are more than sure that they will enjoy the shows and performances of the young ones. We will anticipate your visit!