Tune In TLV

There are so many ways to let people discover new talents and showcase what we got and share it with others. As an artist, we need to let people see our artworks, our creativity, and nothing is different when it comes to people who aspire to be performers. Musicians would like to share their music as well as those who compose, write songs, play instruments, and basically everyone! Our greed for these matters isn’t bad as long as we do the right things when it comes to showing people our own capabilities in arts and music.

The best thing is that many people or groups are looking for artists who are very creative. It’s good to know that there are places and organizations that reach out to people with great potentials and let them show their own talents. Just last month, I encountered a group of people who have their own organization which creates projects, events, and programs for artists. They have this main event that they hold twice a year and it’s called Tune In TLV. I was very bored and down watching over my garage being fixed by A1 Garage Door Service in Milwaukee that time so my friend suggested I go to this event and see what they do and of course, with her invitation, I tagged along.

It was very amazing when I experienced going to the Tune In TLV. That was the time I realized they were holding this event for many artists. There were so many types of performances and every kind of creativity can be shown through this one-week event. Performers, like my friend, who love to dance, act, or sing in front of many people have their own shows and stages as well as those who play instruments, be it by pair, individually or by groups. It is so entertaining and anyone can actually watch these magnificent shows.

 Tune In TLV

However, artists who focus on visual arts have their own time as well and place in this event. In the same venue, they hold exhibitions, galleries, and everything to show their own work. I was very pleased with this event because I love photography and painting so much so I really enjoyed my time visiting and participating in the Tune In TLV event. Anyone who wants to watch these shows, performances, and exhibitions are free to go as long as they have passed and they know the time and place of the event. They can choose to visit once, or twice, thrice, or attend the full seven-day event if they have time, to be honest.

We welcome those who want to participate in this event as performers and artists. All they have to do is talk to the people in the organization of TLV. My friend told me to be a part of their team and show them my work as an artist too. I’ve been thinking a lot about it up until now since work is a bit hectic these past few days and I don’t think it will be that easy for me to just join the group. But, if anyone here would like to do that, I suggest you do so. It will be very fun if you just visit or if you join the performances.

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